Empower Creatives

Within your parish there are no doubt people with a variety of creative gifts. There may be photographers, video producers, writers, editors, painters, or designers just to name a few. These are the people who have the special ability to tell the beautiful story of Parish Life.

There are already plenty of stories to tell. Every person in the parish has a story. Every event, pilgrimage, feast day, marriage, and baptism is a opportunity to capture and communicate the essence of Parish Life.

When the beauty of Parish Life can be experienced through creative and artistic expression a connection to that life is made. When people connect with the life of the Parish they are inspired to participate in deeper ways.

Empowering the creatives, the artistic storytellers, in your parish begins by forming a ministry where they can work together to capture these moments of the faith community in action. The ministry leader should be a person who can foster an environment of constructive critique and inspirational dialogue. Working together as a team will encourage creativity and promote relationships.

Our hope is to provide your parish with the support needed to effectively capture the beauty of Parish Life and the tools to share those stories with the world.

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