When you have empowered creatives to capture the story of Parish Life, all that is left to do is share that story! This is where our unique platform designed specifically for the Orthodox Christian Parish truly shines.

Rather than being just an online brochure, the parish website comes alive with a stream of stories full of Parish Life. Using the platform is simple and you will always have our support. Our primary goal is to offer our gifts in service to the Church to help the light of Christ illumine the hearts of all.

We offer solutions for the various challenges a parish faces in establishing a quality web presence. Our platform makes it simple to manage images, videos, audio files, promote events, and integrate with a variety of specialized service providers. We also work diligently to produce solutions as new needs arise.

Our sincere hope is to be able to help even the smallest parishes share their story with an investment that fits within the budget.

Parish Life Connect | PO Box 1231, Loveland, CO 80538 | 970.541.1057